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How 2 Walk Thru Videos

Making Money in 2020 / 2021 and The Pitfalls of Network Marketing


What makes you money is things that are in demand that many people want but is not easy for them to obtain.

When you can provide for buyers what they want that is hard for them to get, and you help them to get it easily, that’s when you make money.


Entrepreneur 101: Never sell or market anything that persons can easily go into a local store and buy. Never sell stuff or services that is not in constant or high demand.


A lot of online marketing companies that has products you sell for commissions, usually has products you can go into brand name stores and buy. So what does that tell you?

It is the lure of the commission pay that draws members into this market of network sells like Avon, Malaluka, MCA, Royaltie and others.


The easiest and most successful way of making money are the skills you have or what you think you don’t have that makes you money.

Persons have taken their know how in doing videos, photography, cooking, using a sewing machine and have made a decent living. Some others have made up to six figures a year! These are practical skills you have or that you acquire that makes money for you instead of waiting on others to make money for you in a product MLM or network marketing program. Educate yourself with practical skills at places like Udemy.com


Trust me, you’ll make more money faster in a shorter time period than you ever will make in network marketing. I’ve personally lost thousands of dollars over my 25 years time goofing with network marketing. I actually understand it now and how guys succeed at it but there are ethical issues involved that a person with a moral conscious would not pursue.

One of the main issues with network marketing is that over 90% of persons you try to bring into that market are not fit for it. They don’t have the drive, the money to invest, or the hustle it takes to work a network or an mlm business. To succeed you need a high volume of candidates to build your organization with. With 90% of people who will never qualify, you simply won’t succeed unless you have thousands of dollars to spend up front. Network marketing will milk you and drain you as you go. So the dark secret that all marketers have in their closet who have ever succeeded, is the enormous amount of money they lost and spent to get where they are now. If you can’t do and spend the money they did, you will not succeed in network marketing.

You’d have to buildup a massive audience of people who follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, and other social forums.

You’d have to build an email list of prospects into the thousands, and thousands of subscribers on YouTube, have SEO knowledge in connection with your website and advertising. Setup business pages on Facebook and other forums. In truth, if you don’t have all this and money to burn and invest in your business, you’re wasting your time in network marketing. By the way, this applies to having an online business that has nothing to do with network marketing also. Of course you’ll need to sign up with Google Map.

So when you hear of guys who jumped into an opportunity and one week later they said they made $5000, more than likely, they have all the things in place that they have spent time and money building before that $5000 happened. But of course, as an unsuspecting new recruit, you won’t know that.

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